Bleed this one is important – and often overlooked.

A bleed is where an image or background colour is positioned so that it prints right to the edge of the page.

If you’re working on a document that has bleeds you need to make the object that bleeds off the page overlap the edge of the page by at least 3mm. 

Without bleed, when the job is trimmed, you will be left with a white edge to your printed item.

Crop marks, also known as trim marks or registration marks appear at the corners of your artwork and are an indication to the print finisher of where to trim your job.

When artwork is supplied in its original form, as a native InDesign or Quark file, we will add the crops marks when we output the job.

If you are supplying a print ready pdf however, you must ensure the crop marks are already in place on the file when you send it to us.