Today let’s take a look at what a website name is and the way they work. 

Domain names are descriptive names specifically created to make IP, or internet Protocol, addresses a lot easier for users to find what they want on the net. 

An IP address is a specified set of numbers that are assigned to every pc on the net. You can compare IP addresses to road addresses, they determine where a computer is located on the internet and aid in routing information so that it might simply travel between computer systems. But IP addresses, like this one, 176.134.42 do not easily roll of your tongue, do they? After which simply imagine having to memorize a string of seemingly random numbers for each single website you wanted to find on the web. ...

There needs to be a simpler way and that’s where domain names come in. While computers require IP addresses to locate one another on the net, humans are more word savvy and more apt to remember descriptive names. Domain names, at least good ones, are a description of either the company name or the descriptive messaging of the product or web content.

The DNS, (Domain Name System) will take domains names, the type of internet addresses that people understand like and translates them into IP addresses which are needed for computer systems to communicate with each other. 

Remembering is a lot easier to remember than 173.132.54 

When visitors open a web browser and enter your domain, the browser uses your domain name to locate the corresponding IP address and, then displays the website associated with that IP address. 

A great comparison and one the we use every day is your mobile phone. 

The domain name can be compared to the contact names that you have stored in your mobile device and the IP address is the actual phone number. 

When you touch on the name of a stored contact, your phone automatically dials the number you’ve saved for that contact. 

You have no need to know where the person you’re calling is located, and there is no need to even enter their phone number. All you need to do is touch the contact name and your phone will connect with the number to connect you with the person you are looking to speak with.  

Remember, domain names are created to provide you with a simple, and more human-friendly way to locate websites on the Internet. .