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Vital Edge Design

Web Design & Hosting All in One Place

Your website is the most powerful tool in your marketing strategy. Companies who properly utilize this space capture up to 30% more attention than those who use their site as just a contact space for listing their name and contact info.

At Vital Edge Design we are experts in developing professional and economical sites that provide an interactive environment for visitors to your site. Our hosting services allows us to quickly access your site to make required modifications and updates all while maintaining an industry leading 99.9% uptime.  

Vital Edge Design & Hosting Services

Professional Web Design

At Vital Edge Design we provide an economical way to make sure that your company is being viewed in the best light possible with a clean, professional design that will instantly engage visitors  on your site.

Domain Name Registration

It is no secret that the internet is the way the majority of people get their information. If you are starting a business or have an idea for a new venture, a first step is to make sure that you secure a memorable domain name.

Cloud Based Web Hosting

Having your site cloud hosted provides your site with a more reliable experience. Cloud hosting uses the remote resources of several clustered servers, which means there is no data loss due to hardware failures.

Website Modifications

Having Vital Edge Design develop your site and then host it on our servers makes perfect sense. Whenever you need some modifications or want to add a few tweaks, we are able to respond very quickly.

What Our Clients Have to Say!

Right from day 1 the team at Vital Edge Design provided us with amazing service. The website design is great but more than anything we are extremely pleased that we were treated as a priority!

Just an absolutely Great Service 🙂

R Stevens